Challenge no 001

Falling Slowly challenge

Instead of posting here my plans which I will probably do on FB page just if you are interested following it and do yours as well I decided to do something a bit different. I will challenge myself to learn in certain period of time new piece of music. That may encourage me and you to practice hard and keep developing our piano skills on daily basis.

All right, what is a challenge? What will be my metaphorical mountain to climb:

It is piece I have on my another software I use:  playgroundsessions app. called “Falling slowly”.

Difficulty level:  Difficulty is set in that app as intermediate-moderate.

Time to complete: 17th of November.

Day to day journal of the challenge

08th of November, 2019

Starting point of this challenge is set a bit further than normally because I have been practising this piece in few of my practice sessions. So, I could say right now I am more or less half way there. Nothing more to add at this point but let’s keep going. It looks like there is plenty of time to succeed but on the other hand there is loads of practice to be done in my Piano Marvel app.

09th of November, 2019

It wasn’t that long practice session as I could imagine in my mind but we have to do whatever we can with time left, right? Since challenge is in place there must be a bit of practice to play that piece till next Sunday. It is kind of fun, a bit of pressure to do best you can but as well fun and happiness to improve a bit with each time you play whatever you learn. Looking forward to tomorrow to play it again.

10th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

11th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

12th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

13th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

14th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

15th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

16th of November, 2019

Wait for it 🙂

17th of November, 2019

Recording day and posting results of the challenge. Looking forward to reach that day with hopefully satisfactory accomplishment. We will see 🙂