May 25, 2019

There is always great day when we achieve something during that day. It doesn’t have to be big thing. I believe small things accumulated create great successes. So, lets create few small achievements today regarding our piano journey to make this day count. Lets create a plan for today’s practice and follow that plan. What is your plan? Take a pen and sheet of paper and create one. I use journal to design my days and with all power I have low or high I try to have all planned activities checked at the end of the day. It works for me, maybe it will work for you. But here we are all about piano, so my plan for today is:
In a minute after I finish this post I will practice my scales for 30 minutes.
After my morning routine I will sit back to my piano and practice scale Bb scale and two simple (not that simple for me yet) pieces of music. During this session I will as well learn something new following my app program.
Last session will be playing and developing pieces I know already. This is fun! This is the moment of creation for me. I believe it will be for you too. I keep it for the end so it is kind of reward for me for my commitment as well. Great stuff!
For the end, quote that motivates me, pushes me to take another step forward, maybe it will unleash the piano beast in you as well 🙂
“You can’t become a pianist merely by standing and looking at the piano. So… unfold your talent and start playing!”

May 24, 2019

New morning and back to my routine! 30 mins of scales in the morning. If you read what I wrote for last few days you know I had no access to my piano and practiced my scales on my paper piano. I think it wasn’t smart move. My fingers were stiff and couldn’t hit keys properly for first few minutes. It felt strange for the beginning. Luckily everything came back after ca. 10 minutes. I easily remembered scales, so practicing them in my mind, what I did during my holiday too, helped I guess. But practicing on anything different then real piano or proper keyboard is not that smart idea. At least for me. I could use this time to develop my theoretical knowledge, mistake done and learnt. Will be smarter for next period of piano break. Take advantage from my mistake. Or maybe it will work for you. Who knows. Anyway todays plan is:
Scales practice in the morning – DONE
New lessons from my app for about 1 hour – afternoon to be done.
Evening session with pieces I know how to play ca. 45 min – will be done.
What is your plan? Lets remember consistent practice brings us closer to promised land
Take care and have fun!

May 9 – 23, 2019 – archive

May 23, 2019
Trip day for me… this means I will practice but it will be in the evening when I am back in front of my piano During trip I can only practice in my mind which I am better now In my mind I am great well in front of my piano in reality there is still loads of practice in front of me. How about you? You need to practice? Lets be great and practice every single day! Have a great day and especially when you play whatever you can play Take care.
May 22, 2019
I don’t know how is today for you, but for me it is late scales practice on my paper piano due to my holiday which are about to end. On one hand I am sad. It is great to be with family, eating home made food from the past – you know, mom cooks the best dinners in the world, tastes bring memories back, good memories… too much TV for me though. I rather spend my time with piano. And this will be given back to me. Tomorrow evening I can sit in front of my piano. I guess you are more lucky and you have access to your piano. I want to think that you take advantage of that fact and you practice, practice, practice. (read more by going through post title 🙂 )