Busy Saturday

As usually let’s start with quote that may inspire you to do a bit of work a bit of practice. Everything we do in life needs time and commitment to finally accomplish something. Let’s stay focus and motivated to do what is necessary to do to be better then yesterday, do more then yesterday, do anything at all to move few steps forward or even one step. If the picture is not loading properly, here it is, our quote for today:

You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life.

– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

So, let’s take action even it is small action. Sometimes it is hard to find time due to different tasks we need to perform, but it is so crucial to find just a bit of time to build that momentum to go further and further in our journey. My day today is dedicated to one of my clients, friend already who started new business already and I am going to be there today for her. That is why my time for piano today is limited. I am going to keep it simple. I still have two hours before I leave, so there will be simple plan for today for me. Though I will not spend this time with my piano, I am more then sure experiences from today will build me up a lot. This moment when someone starts doing what one loves, full of hopes, full of plans, full of energy. That is something, someone you like to be around. It will for sure affect me, and I guess it would you as well. So, stay with your piano today, play, practice, have a lot of fun, much more I will have. All right, now is time to quickly report what I will do today. Create your plan and follow.

My actions for today:

  • this will be just extended warm up: scales C minor, C major, F minor, F major, G major  from my technique exercises in Piano Marvel (two octaves scales, chords, arpeggios),
  • repeating exercises from technique section: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment,
  • for rest of the time I have left I will practice Canon in C.
  • no time today to practice new piece in my next app: playgroundsessions

That is simple plan due to lack of time, but at least there will be some time to spend with my piano. It is totally worth it to spend even half hour daily. It creates a habit of playing every day, creating habit that there is something to do for yourself. Do it. Play. Plan. Practice. Be better again then yesterday.

All right, quickly now, lets put some piece here for tomorrow morning to start day with music. Great routine. I recommend as usually. So, let the music start extended Sunday tomorrow (we change time here to winter time and that is why this Sunday will have 25 hours. Easiest way to find one hour for our piano journey :). OK. Piece to start day tomorrow is:

All right, I need to run. Like I mentioned. It is going to be busy Saturday though exiting. I wish you the same day, maybe with more piano time for you.

Practice! Take action! Have fun!

Take care, till tomorrow.