Another step forward

Let's keep going

All right, let’s quickly start with a saying, quote to motivate ourselves to keep going. Today is directly from me, I hope it will work for you:

Think about yourself as a river. Just keep going through countless turns, countless obstacles. You will find the way through to your ocean, your sea, your goal, your dream. Just keep going, never stop, no matter what.
– Jaro

We all have same amount of time we can use today. Important is how we will use it. How much we will spend for things that actually don’t matter at all. In those activities we do daily we can find loads of precious time we need to do what we love. It requires from us sometimes changes that we need to apply into our daily routines. Sometimes we have to give up one thing to have more time for what we love to do. Sometimes we need to adjust priorities. Sometimes create new habits to do things more effectively. We need to focus on what really matters to us and if that really matters to us. It is not always easy go beyond our habits. But it is only at the beginning, once we give up one habit, we need to work hard to create new one, that we think is good for us. I say we think is good for us because sometimes it is just a path to discover something even better. It is a journey. It is exiting. It is what pushes us forward. New things, new experiences, new knowledge, new us. It is worth it. That is why planning is so important. It takes just few minutes to have it in writing. Once it is there it is easier to follow. It is easier to adjust priorities to have those precious minutes we can spend doing what we love. It is easier to set our mind on target and keep focusing. Anyway, it works for me fine most of times. Sometimes I simply do it wrong… Nobody is perfect, right? We learn all our lives. We will be smarter tomorrow.

All right now it is time to have this plan for today’s session:

  • warm up as usually with scales, chords and arpeggios: C, F, G minor and major. Waiting for me in my app Piano Marvel to play,
  • further warm up by playing and partly practising my: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment – it was so difficult at the beginning but now it gets better and better – practising it now as warm up works :),
  • switching apps worked fine for my enthusiasm to play more yesterday so I apply it today again, and now it is time to practice “Falling Slowly” in playgroundsessions,
  • switching back apps and now it is time for Canon in C – gives me so much trouble, but it is getting better, slowly but it is,
  • I will finish today’s session with playing few of pieces I know already like: The Last Rose and A lonely walk, What a wonderful world and some from my PM app.

All right. Plan in place. Now is time to focus. Do as fast as effectively everything that must be done to have time to actually follow that plan. My secret is simply saying NO to all temptations that occur just to spend it with my piano. After all I like to do it. It is easy NO to temptations mostly 🙂

Next morning and thank you:

OK. Before I wish you great day, I will prepare something for tomorrow morning to listen once I get up. I feel I need to adjust it for next morning. This is actually not completely for me, but for my guitar playing fellows. I dedicate tomorrow’s morning to you. I join your dream for a moment, I will go with my mind in the areas where I will wish your day to be great and with enough time for you to practice what you planned to practice and achieve in long term what you want to achieve with your music. This is my thank you for your kind words. Sorry if my selection may not meet your taste of music you like, but I hope it will. I will be with my thoughts tomorrow with you while listening:

All right, we are ready to make this day great! Nothing is better then take ACTION towards our goals/dreams and PLAY!

Till tomorrow.

Take care.