Another month past

Empowering quote - piano practice

Hi again, another month past, time to sit back and just adjust what was done right, what wrong to improve. That is why my quote for today is:

It is not by muscle, speed, or physical dexterity that great things are achieved, but by reflection, force of character, and judgement.

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

So I start today looking back for few moments and will do in next few days till end of the week just to understand better what can be done differently, what can be improved, what was right and needs even more attention and as usually check and plan time to spend as much as possible with my piano. I hope you are in better situation and have loads of time to practice. I need to plan it carefully though. But before I even start to work on it plan for today’s session has to be in place, and here it comes, my plan for today:

  • warm up as usually with scales, chords and arpeggios: C, F, G minor and major. Waiting for me in my app Piano Marvel to play, again and again…,
  • further warm up by playing and partly practising my: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment – my recent exercises from technique section of app I am using and still needs polishing, great stuff for my warm up routine,
  • learning session begins with playing let say 10 times my Canon in C, still needs work and my attention but it is improving slowly :),
  • switching apps and now it will be time to practice “Falling Slowly” in playgroundsessions,

I think that will do for today’s practice. A lot of work to do to be prepared for next month and to enthusiastically start each session to come on November. With action plan it is easier for me. Easier to focus, easier to follow and adjust some pieces on the way. It is easier to find the time to play as well. I truly recommend action plan 🙂

Last thing for today is to get ready piece for tomorrow’s morning to wake up with some nice piece of music. I think I will have F. Chopin again. Can’t stop be impressed what he created for our pleasure to listen. So, below is the piece to listen in the morning after I hope good night sleep:

All right, now it is time to play 🙂 I hope you will too and we and I will get again a bit better then yesterday. Maybe some doors will open for us and we will better understand what we want from music and how to take even bigger advantage from it.

Play, practice, have fun.

Take care.