Another day…

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.

– Jules Renard

It is action time 🙂 Time to plan today’s session and then simply follow it. I hope you did some work yesterday. It is hard to call it work actually since we like to play piano. Right? It is more the action, the effort we put to be better and better and better. Today is another step we take. Maybe hard, maybe easy to take. One is certain. In order to be again better and move a bit further we need to take this action. No matter what! No matter obstacles! No matter how much time we have. It is much better to spend time we have even it is short time doing what we want then postpone. This way we will build up in us urgency of action towards our goals. Soon or later we will find more and more time by adjusting our priorities. By removing from our daily routine distractions and we stay focus on what really matters to us. Let’s do it! Let’s plan our day. Mine is below adjusted to time I have today, it is quite busy Saturday for me so a bit less time with piano for me today:

  • I start to warm up a bit with Canon in C again using my app (Piano Marvel)
  • Further warm up by repeating those technique exercises: Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment,
  • It is time to work a on new exercise in Technique section: Alberti Bass Accompaniment – really slowly yet but it is improving and it will improve a bit again today :), practice – that’s the key,
  • switching to my additional app ( where I started with this new song: “Falling Slowly” – it is not very advanced, but I like it, so it is quite enjoyable to play,
  • finish line: few times playing Canon in C with right tempo + three times each of those pieces: The Last Rose and A lonely walk,

Now it will be time to give my attention back to what life brought to me for this Saturday. Filled with happiness after I finish my session it should be a wonderful day 🙂 Having practice done will make my day. All right, time to do it. There is no minute to be wasted.

And last thing, is to have ready another piece of music for tomorrow’s morning. This morning routine is so great, and at the same time so simple. I truly recommend to you start your day with instrumental music you like or this what I use here and just set your mind for today’s session. OK. I think I will listen tomorrow again the same theme since I love it and will play it one day on my own. Once more Claudia’s Theme:

OK. That is all for now, time to make those things happen and take ACTION! Plan your action for today and follow! Move that journey of yours further today!

Take care.

Have a great day!