And Sunday again…

Piano practice quote

Even it is Sunday, we might need a bit of power to follow our dreams. Here is another quote that I hope will help us stay on the course.

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.

– Benjamin Disraeli

How not to like days like these. No work to do for many of us. More then usually time to spend doing what we love. And today, I am not sure it happens everywhere, but here in Europe we have time change day, which means that this Sunday is ONE HOUR LONGER. More time to practice, play, enjoy our piano.  For me as usually Sunday is day of fun. I hope you have yours as well. Day when there is no pressure to learn something new but just enjoy result we got so far. By simply playing those notes we can play we still practice, we still improve though this time we have much more fun. I truly recommend that you have day or days in your journey. It really helps build enthusiasm to keep going on daily basis till next day when you again have loads of fun. Everyday practice sometimes brings a bit of struggle, frustration etc, that is why I have day like today, just to enjoy. Enjoy music you play, no matter what level you are in. With every day playing you and me we will get better and closer to our ultimate goal.

So, my plan for today is quite simple, I will play those pieces I know how to play, some better, some worse but still it will be a lot of fun:

  • quick warm up by playing few times my scales, chords and arpeggios waiting for me nicely prepared in Piano Marvel  (C major, C minor, F major, F minor, G major),
  • further warm up with Boom Chuck Accompaniment and Rolled Chords Accompaniment and Alberti Bass Accompaniment. I can play those exercises now so, as warm up I as well will repeat them and master them a bit more.
  • now I am ready to enjoy my music by playing those pieces I recently learnt and learnt in past including this one I am learning now from playgroundsessions: Falling Slowly. Just fun, no more no less.

That is it for today. That is my plan. Do you have yours in place to follow already. It is like mantra, pretty much same words, pretty much same routine, but what happens during those hours we practice actually change. That is what will keep us going. So, plan your session today, play, have fun and be better then yesterday. Build that enthusiasm for week to come. Maybe you like me will again start new challenges in your piano journey next week, or maybe you will simply as well like me continue with those we started last week and need our attention and practice during this week that is about to start. And to start it nicely with music…

…as usually, I continue and maybe you too already, my/our daily morning few minutes routine by waking up with some piece of piano music. For tomorrow I have this piece below ready. Just hit play and wake up with music and in this case wake up to new week with music, F. Chopin again, I can’t help, I just love his pieces:

All right, have a great day, loads of fun with your piano.

Till tomorrow,

Take care.