A lonely walk – 14 months with Piano Marvel

There is no secret that I use PianoMarvel to learn and to improve my piano skills. I am right now on my 5th level with my app Piano Marvel. You can see that on picture below. Piece of music learnt is from that level.


August was a bit tricky with time spend with my piano but somehow I manged to go through next part of level 5 exercises and learn new piece of music. Below is this piece played by me. Under the video link some more words regarding playing it and learning process.

There are new skills that I developed during my exercises on level 5 and I put them in action learning that piece of music. Without paying to much attention my ability to read music sheets develops slowly. That is how PianoMarvel is designed actually. It brings new material step by step and actually forces you to spend some time to understand and learn how to play next exercise or piece of music. As usually I had to start slowly, and learn piece by piece to make my fingers actually play what you can hear. Luckily you can in this app set the metronome with speed you require to train and change it any time you want to speed up. I don’t do it every time, but sometimes is needed. Somehow some material already is easy to play almost straight away, and sometimes it is more difficult, that is when I apply my rule of SLOW/SLOW/A BIT FASTER/ FASTER/RIGHT TEMPO. Though it is tempting to play it quite fast since early beginning but trust me, when you start slower and focus on accuracy you will speed up much faster and play whatever you learn to play without many mistakes. So, in this case slow means faster after all.

Anyway, learning this piece was quite enjoyable. This piece sounds quite good to me, that is why it was also easier to learn it. I found that with material you like it is much easier to master it faster. While when I reach some exercises on my program which are not so great to my ear it is kind of struggle to play them and master them. I do it anyway because program is designed the way that each exercise actually brings new skills or simply by playing it you practice what you learn before. So, it is a process. Job must be done, end of story. Either I like it or not, with a goal to play piano, sometimes we need to go through some practice exercises we don’t like so much. All to reach the point when we can play more what we like and practice and train less what we don’t like but is necessary.

Not much to add actually here. Most important is that once you reach some level and you are able to play few pieces you really like, real fun occurs. Then even you are in the mood not to practice, you always have choice to play those few pieces you really like and spend some time with your piano.

All right, I go back to my daily tasks and wish you all the best and strength to master you piano skills. I truly recommend to play every day, just a bit if you lack of time, but EVERY DAY.

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Enjoy, play, have fun.

Take care.