9 moths since starting point

Few facts:

Music piece learnt: “Fur Elise – Section A” – PianoMarvel – level 4

My PianoMarvel level: I am practising level 4 exercises

My PianoMarvel Level while learning this piece: just finished 3rd part out of 5 parts of level 4 exercises.

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I have just finished 3rd part of exercises on level 4. Mostly you train there short pieces of music, scales, hand independence, broken chords and much more. By reaching this level I significantly noticed improvement in my piano skills. Please, don’t get me wrong. There is still loads of practice in front of me, but by doing few exercises this month, I finally developed ability to move my left hand independently on the keyboard without stopping playing or by making sharp moves. That just happened and when I’ve noticed that, I was happy like a child. I truly recommend PianoMarvel. It makes miracles for me. I hope it will as well for you. Check out discount code to have it cheaper.

Back to the piece of music shown in video. I was struggling at the beginning because I’ve just started to learn broken chords. That skill helps a lot with this piece. That is why I don’t go much forward with my choice of music, then the level I am right now on my PianoMarvel. I really suggest to go like the designed program leads you. If you will be patient enough and will continue your practice. I am more then sure that you will develop your skills as fast as me, or even faster. I am not that talented after all 🙂

The reason it is just part of full “For Elise” or “Fur Elise” piece learnt by me, is very simple. PianoMarvel planned it that way, because at level 4 you actually can learn that part, once the other part must wait till I or you will develop skills to learn it faster without frustration. I love that. There is advantage in this. It keeps me motivated to practice to reach that level as soon as possible so I can actually play the full piece for my satisfaction and hopefully for satisfaction whoever will be listening. And here comes great thing. People around me, who know about piano almost nothing, actually enjoy listening to what I can play right now. Simply, because they can’t. As you can see, you don’t have to be like Mozart or Beethoven to actually perform in some audiences. Great stuff.

Ok. That is all for now. Wherever you learn your piano skills, my advice is to practice every day. That attitude after some time develops a habit and after some time, happened to me, hunger to play more and more. I wish for you to reach that level of commitment.

If you want to learn with PianoMarvel like me, I can truly recommend that application, it works miracles for me. Below you can find discount code which will give you ca. 20% discount for your subscription with them.

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Read more about PianoMarvel:PianoMarvel more information

Ok. That is all for now. I am going back to play my piano, and I hope you will too. One day we will be able to call ourselves Pianists. I’ll see you on next post 🙂 Take care.